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Once we pass the age of 45, we start to lose muscle mass and balance. 

Have you ever had to help a parent or older loved one because they were not steady on their feet?

None of us want that for our future. Which is why there is a solution through either low-impact online fitness.


Low-impact Online Fitness Sessions with Debbie

As we age we naturally lose our muscle mass/strength. We can reverse this life limiting effect by movement and resistance training i.e. using our skeletal muscles

During the 30 minute online session, we will be get through around 12 different exercises for a full body and mind workout.


The weights you can use can vary from 2 x tins of beans, 2 x 500ml water bottle to 7kg weights.  However, you don't have to use weights as this is about range of movement. 


For example

We lift a weight up to the front, then to the side and bring it back down. 

You don't need to lift too high.  Your body will tell you if it's too high as you'll feel the tightness in your neck.  So, just lower lift the weight lower as you'll still get the same results.


This is about maintaining 'movement' and 'balance' through our later years so that when you're in a supermarket reaching and standing on one leg for the last special offer bottle of wine, you can still do it!

Low Impact Fitness with Debbie Atkins

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Bonus: Pre-recorded sessions weekly.


One x 30min session

Two x 15min sessions

Uncover Your Fittest Self

This is about helping and supporting you to achieve the strength and mobility so that you can keep doing the things you love most. A program designed for your unique needs and goals, with a focus on increasing functional strength with small weights and bodyweight movements

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