Meet Your Instructor and Health Expert

Debbie Atkins

The Journey Began..


Like many entrepreneurial people, I found myself constantly juggling between my career in a corporate capacity (17 years as a Management Accountant for British Gas) as well as raising two young children.


Redundancy then gave me the opportunity to pursue a different way of life; to fulfil my career ambitions as well as embracing all that motherhood has to offer.  A lighthearted conversation with another mum at hockey training gave me a lightbulb moment - she had just completed her PT qualification which inspired me to investigate this as an option. I’ve never looked back! 


Whilst qualifying as a PT, I was introduced to Nordic Walking - another lightbulb moment - training and talking at the same time?  Sounds like heaven!


...the Change


In more recent years, opportunities outside the corporate world have opened themselves to career-minded people who also long for quality time with their families. 

I started my second career aged 40 and found myself having to retrain from a professional perspective but also I had to rethink how I viewed my life and my health and well-being. This positive outlook has nourished not only myself but those around me, and I am forever grateful for discovering this new path.


It’s often said that the ‘second half of life’ can be the best - and I wholeheartedly agree. On our life’s journey, we accumulate so much knowledge and experience which we can repurpose and share with others. If you follow and love what you do, life is invigorating and  energising for the soul. I believe work/life balance does not exist anymore. You need to live your life to its fullest potential, give and be kind to yourself and all around you.




I’m constantly inspired by Jacqueline Rogers; founder of The Athena Network 15 years ago and Dan Higginson; founder of Synergyworldwide 21 years ago.  Both of these people encourage, support and guide those around them and are a true inspiration. They give their time and energy to anyone who is open to receiving and instill the belief that they too can be the best version of themselves and can achieve lifelong goals and dreams. They have shown that the only limitations we have are found within ourselves!


This is what inspires me and I instil that in everyone I meet and support.

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